2018 Provincial Minimum Wage

Update per 20 November 2017: Maluku Utara provincial government has issued the 2018 provincial minimum wage. Thus, all 34 provincial governments in Indonesia have issued the provincial minimum wage for 2018.

Terbaru tanggal 20 November 2017: Pemerintah provinsi Maluku Utara telah mengeluarkan angka upah minimum provinsi 2018. Dengan demikian, 34 pemerintah provinsi di Indonesia telah mengeluarkan angka upah minimum provinsi untuk tahun 2018.

The following is the list of the 2018 provincial minimum wage:

Berikut ini adalah daftar upah minimum provinsi 2018:

1. Kalimantan Tengah: IDR 2,421,305

2. Kalimantan Timur: IDR 2,543,331

3. Kalimantan Utara: IDR 2,559,903

4. Kalimantan Selatan: IDR 2,454,671

5. Kalimantan Barat: IDR 2,046,900

6. DKI Jakarta: IDR 3,648, 035

7. D.I Yogyakarta: IDR 1,454,154

8. Jawa Barat: IDR 1,544,360

9. Banten: IDR 2,099,385

10. Jawa Tengah: IDR 1,486,065

11. Jawa Timur: IDR 1,508,894

12. Lampung: IDR 2,074,673

13. Sumatera Utara: IDR 2,132,188

14. Riau: IDR 2,464,154

15. Aceh: IDR 2,717,750

16. Bangka Belitung: IDR 2,755,443

17. Bengkulu: IDR 1,888,741

18. Jambi: IDR 2,243,718

19. Sumatera Barat: IDR 2,119,067

20. Kepulauan Riau: IDR 2,563,875

21. Sumatera Selatan: IDR 2,595,995

22. Bali: IDR 2,127,157

23. Papua Barat: IDR 2,667.000

24. Papua: IDR 2,895,650

25. Maluku Utara:  IDR 2,320,803

26. Maluku: IDR 2,222,220

27. Nusa Tenggara Barat: IDR 1,825,000

28. Nusa Tenggara Timur: IDR 1,660,000

29. Sulawesi Tengah: IDR 1,965,232

30. Sulawesi Tenggara: IDR 2,177,052

31. Sulawesi Selatan: IDR 2,647,767

32. Sulawesi Barat: IDR 2,193,530

33. Sulawesi Utara: IDR 2,824,286

34. Gorontalo: IDR 2,206,813

Minister of Manpower Regulation No. 6 of 2017 on Occupational Health and Safety (of) Elevator and Escalator

Minister of Manpower Regulation No. 6 of 2017 on Occupational Health and Safety (of) Elevator and Escalator is one of the new regulations issued by the Ministry of Manpower this year. It is likely that the regulation is published in an attempt to avoid proliferation of elevator and/or escalator accidents that lately often reported by the media. The last reported elevator accident was reported in August 2017 that cause one casualty.

Elevator referred by the regulation is lifting machine with trains and weights moving up and down following guiding rails that are permanently mounted on buildings, equip with governors and is used to transport people. Examples of such elevators are those installed in high rise buildings. While, escalators is a transport machine for moving people and/or goods, following a rail track operates by an electric motor.

The regulation stipulates safety and health rules and requirements that should be followed including required document, specification standards, safety checks and certified OSH officer.

Elevators and escalators that were installed before the regulation comes into force must be adjusted within a period of 3 years.

Permenaker 6 Tahun 2017