News Flash 1/11/2019: 2020 Provincial Minimum Wage Increment Rate

The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) decided to raise the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) in 2020 by 8.51 percent in accordance with the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Manpower Number BM/308/ HI.01.00/X/2019 dated October 15, 2019 concerning Submission of National Data on Inflation and Gross Domestic Product Growth in 2019. In the circular also mentioned, the figure of 8.51 percent is based on the Central Statistics Agency data on national inflation and national economic growth in 2019.

Looking at the consistency of the provincial minimum wage increment in the last two years, it can be expected that all provinces in Indonesia will follow the Circular.

SE Menaker No BM_308_ HI.01.00_X_2019

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