The seed of thought overarching the creation of this site is as knowledge is power, thus, access to it should be opened to every single individual. Unlike open-access sites in Bahasa, in 2015 at least, there were only a few number of open-access online site offering reliable information, insight, reference and construction on the Indonesia social sustainability and labour subject matter in English. Whereas, many of key stakeholders in the industries are foreign investors, international communities, labour groups, trade unions and international monitoring agencies.

By the time the seed of thought sprouted sometimes in 2016, it took around a year for the founder to turning an idea into reality. After a year of filtering and maturing ideas and concepts, in July 2017 the online platform was launched under the name of Indonesia Labour Databank. 

Unfortunately, after several months we found that the word Databank in our name confused several of our patrons, thinking that the site is a genuine Bank. To address this concern and also expanding our reach, in 2018 we officially updated the site name to Indonesia Labour Database and with it came a new logo and a revamped new site.

Despite of the name change, since day one (1) our objective remains the same, to increase knowledge and capability of the industries, individual, students, civil societies, practitioners and labour enthusiast on Indonesia labour and social sustainability subject matter.

As young as we are, we strive to contribute in an open social and labour related discourse in Indonesia to better-off the society in general.